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BOOKS: (by Rev. Bassam M. Madany)

CONTEMPORARY ARABIC VOCABULARY: Showing the Impact of 20th Century Global Culture on the Arab Mind. $10.00 postpaid in USA & Canada; $9.00 plus postage in other countries.

THE BIBLE AND ISLAM: Sharing God's Word with a Muslim. Spiral bound study book available from the author for US$7.50 postpaid. Contact MER via Email for details.


ARTICLES: (available on the web page):

THE CHRISTIAN MIND: The marks of a Biblically based mind facing the world at the end of the Second Millennium. First published in REFORMATION & REVIVAL, A Quarterly Journal for Church Leadership, Volume 3, Number 3, Summer 1994 (P.O. Box 88216 Carol Stream, IL 60188)

CHRISTIAN MISSIONS TO ISLAM AND WESTERN CULTURE. An article dealing with the new phenomenon of Muslims living outside Daru'l Islam, attempting to preserve their Muslim identity within a secular culture and engaging in Da'wah (Islamic missions) among Westerners. The Christian response must be three-pronged: sending missionaries, supporting them by our prayers as well as by a distinctively Christian life-style. Published in March, 1995 in THE OUTLOOK. 2475 85th Street SW, Byron Center, MI 49315

REFLECTIONS ON THE "UNIQUENESS OF JESUS CHRIST." A critique of some of the views expressed during the June, 1996, meetings of the Reformed Ecumenical Council regarding particularism, universalism and pluralism. Published in November, 1996, in THE OUTLOOK.

THE TEACHING OF MIDDLE EAST HISTORY IN CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS. Global Islam deserves our special attention. Christian educational institutions ought to be including courses on Islam and specifically on the Middle East in their curriculum. Since they base their educational system on a theistic worldview, they are better equipped to properly understand Islam, a rival anti-redemptive theistic faith. This article summarizes the history of United States/Middle East relations from the beginning of the 19th century to the present time and calls for a more active Christian involvement in the future of this important area of the world. Published in February, 1997, in CHRISTIAN EDUCATORS JOURNAL, 1828 Mayfair NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

by Rev. Madany which have appeared in
3233 Burton St. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4387

ISLAM AND WAR; A study in Comparative Ethics, by John Kelsay. Louisville: Westminster/John Knox Press, 1993. Pp. 149. $14.99 The review centers on the importance of acquainting "ourselves with the Islamic view of war ... since in Islam there is no distinction between "church" and state, religion and politics, the faith may be spread by preaching or by war." Vol. 29 (November 1994) Pp. 591-595

FAITH AND THE INTIFADA: Palestinian Christian Voices, by Naim S. Ateek, Rosemary Radford Ruether and Marc Ellis, eds. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis, 1992. Pp. xv + 207. $23.95. Against the background of the Palestinian uprising in 1987 protesting the continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, these essays are printed from within a liberal theological outlook which applies "liberationist" motifs to the situation in the Holy Land. This is a perfect example of what not to do in approaching a difficult problem! Vol. 28 (April 1993) Pp. 196-199

CHRIST IN ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY, by Neal Robinson. Albany, NY: State University of New York, 1991. Pp x-235 $18.95. An excellent book in comparative Christology which seeks to explain the sources of the misunderstandings of the person and work of Christ both in the Quran and the early Muslim writings. Vol. 27 (April 1992) Pp. 168-171

THE ARAB CHRISTIAN: A History in the Middle East, by Kenneth Cragg. Louisville, KY: Westminster/John Knox, 1991. Pp. ix+336. $29.95. A must for all missionaries working in missions among Muslims living next to Christian minorities. A proper understanding of the fundamentals of the Christian faith are essential to mission work among Muslims. Vol. 27 (November 1992) Pp. 422-426

THE NEAREST IN AFFECTION: Towards a Christian Understanding of Islam, by Stuart Brown. Geneva, Switzerland: Risk Book Series, WCC Publications, 1994. Pp. 124, Price Unknown (paper). The author is a lay Anglican from Canada who has taught Islam and participated in dialogue with Muslims. For six years, he was secretary for Christian-Muslim relations in the World Council of Churches. The title of the book is taken from a verse in the Quran (5:82) Its strongest points are those dealing with the Sufi tradition in Islam. As mentioned in my review: "If dialogue is our ultimate goal and not the presentation of the biblical Christ to our fellow-Muslim neighbors, what is the meaning of the word Christian as used in the subtitle of the book?" Vol. 30 (November 1995) Pp. 551-554

TROUBLED BY TRUTH: Biographies in the Presence of Mystery, by Kenneth Cragg. Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 1994. Pp. 328. $14.95 (paper). Bishop Cragg's latest book deals with 13 personalities from Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Indian beliefs. In recounting their spiritual struggles, he reveals at the same time his own understanding and interpretation of the Christian faith. While always informative, some of Cragg's views are very disturbing, especially when dealing with the doctrine of original sin. The review points both to the strengths and weaknesses of Troubled by Truth and challenges all who are attached to the historic Christian faith to articulate our beliefs clearly and relevantly in our increasingly pluralistic environment. Vol. 31 (April 1996) Pp. 230-234

RELIGION, LAW AND SOCIETY: A Christian-Muslim Discussion, edited by Tarek Mitri. Geneva: WCC Publication, 1995. Pp. 154. $14.95 (paper). Thirteen Christian and Muslim experts met in Switzerland in 1992 and 1993 to discuss various topics relating to the areas covered by the title of the book. On the whole, the Muslim side manifested a strong commitment to the view that Islam is God's final religion, its message is all-encompassing, and its goal is to enable human beings to lead fulfilled lives on earth and to prepare them for eternity. On the Christian side, one is struck by the absence of a discernible allegiance to the historic Christian tradition as summarized in the Nicene Creed. Vol. 31 (November 1996) Pp. 585-589

ISLAM: ITS PROPHET, PEOPLES, POLITICS AND POWER by George W. Braswell, Jr. Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 1996. Pp. xiii + 338. $24.99 In the twelve chapters of his book, the author gives us the necessary details about the origins of Islam, the life and teachings of Muhammad, the spread of this monotheistic religion, the empires that advanced the cause of Islam in the world, the status of the Muslim world today, and the future of the relationship between the West and the Islamic nations. Vol. 32 (April 1997) Pp. 202,203

JESUS IN THE QUR'AN by Geoffrey Parrinder. Rockport, MA: Oneworld, 1995. Pp. 187. $13.95 Fifteen chapters are devoted to a thorough investigation of the Qur'anic references to such topics as Jesus, Names of Jesus, Mary, The Birth of Jesus, Works of Jesus, The Death of Jesus, Son of God, Trinity and Gospel. Unfortunately, the author represents pluralist theologians who seek to "reconcile" Christianity, a redemptive religion, with Islam, a faith that is fundamentally legalistic. Western pluralists who endeavor to reinterpret Christianity in order to make it acceptable to the followers of other religions do not seem to realize that their attempts are not reciprocated from the other side. Muslims today, as always, show no desire to depart from the historic Islamic belief in the authority of the Qur'an as God's last word to mankind, or the uniqueness of the person and mission of Muhammad. While Christians must exert themselves to learn about the beliefs of other faiths, their endeavor should not be marked by a weakening of their allegiance to the "faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints." Vol. 32 (April 1997) Pp. 207-209

A MUSLIM AND A CHRISITAN IN DIALOGUE by Badru D. Kateregga and David W. Shenk. Scottdale, PA: Herald Press, 1997. Pp. 219. $14.99 This unique book shares a dialogue between an East African Muslim and an American Christian missionary. Both taught at Kenyatta University, in Nairobi, Kenya. Each participant discussed basic doctrines and practices of their respective faiths. While the Muslim participant expounded a thoroughly traditional (orthodox Sunni) Islam, the Christian respondent chose a "soft" answer which did not manifest the high Biblical Christology of John 1, Colossians 1 and Hebrews 1.

HATED WITHOUT A CAUSE?: A Survey of Anti-Semitism by Graham Keith. Carlisle, U. K: Paternoster Press, 1997. Pp. vii + 301 Paper, price unknown. The author teaches Religious Education at James Hamilton Academy in Ayr, Scotland. He undertook to write this book after reviewing, in 1991, a television series entitled The Longest Hatred, which dealt with anti-Semitism across the ages. Dr. Keith takes history seriously as he seeks a solution to this vexing problem from within the framework of the Bible.

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