Samples of responses to the broadcasts of Saatu’l Islah, drawn from translations of letters received twenty or more years ago


Your program touches my whole being as it reflects on the truth of God in honesty. I continue to face persecution and mockery from my family, relatives and neighbors. But isn’t it always like that when you follow the path of truth? One seems always to face thorns, tiring experiences, difficulties and pressures. But truth will always prevail. I trust you will help me to remain steadfast, for the power is all of God.

Please give me instructions as to how I should answer the questions that unbelievers ask me. It would be good to know some of your insights as I am rather lonely and without the help of anyone. It is hard to face so many who oppose the way of truth.

I continue to listen regularly to the sermons, the songs, and the reading from the word of God. I am waiting eagerly for your books.

A letter from a Kuwaiti listener who has been specially touched by the Arabic broadcast

I have been intending to write to you for a long time now. I have listened to your great program, and it has opened my mind to your doctrines which glow with the light of goodness and love.

My dear brother, we have inherited attitudes and thoughts towards Christians and Christianity, which are wrong. Our opinions of Christianity must change to match this scientific age. If only we had at our disposal something like your broadcast! It has already brought some changes, as far as I am concerned personally. Now I am doing my utmost to share what I have discovered with my friends. But as you no doubt know, I don’t have enough materials at my disposal, especially books, by which I could spread your thoughts.

There are so many things that have attracted me. For example, the spiritual subjects you are treating from the pages of Holy Scriptures, have begun to attract me, both consciously and unconsciously.

I find in your programs the nourishing spiritual food that I so desperately need! This also prompts me to request that you augment both the hours of your broadcasting and the power of your transmitter. Sometimes the signal is not powerful enough, and we need to hear everything clearly.

Wishing you success in your spread of the banner of the Messiah.

From a listener living in Germany

Heartfelt greetings from Germany. Thank you for your letter. May God continue to prosper your ministry for Him and humanity. Thank you for the New Testament and for the Bible Teachings that you sent me.

Your book has had a tremendous impact on me. I listen to your program with great interest

I hope that through your friendship and letters you will enable me to find the answer. I do believe that there is one way for salvation and there is one truth and there could not be two.

Before I make that important step in my life I would like to be absolutely sure and convinced that what I am doing is right. So please help me for I am being torn inside. I am sure that many have gone through what I am going through and have found out the truth. Would you kindly share with me the struggles of those that came to believe in Christ?

Maybe, one of these days, I will be writing my story of believing in the Messiah and of being saved from the burden of sin. Then I would not be reluctant at all to declare my faith in Him.

From a student at the University of Baghdad, Iraq

It is an honor for me to write and ask for your friendship. I hope that through an exchange of letters we may enter into a dialogue which will bring light to my soul. As you know, man’s spirit longs for peace but is often under stress. Each one of us has something for which we long. When our spirit is suffering it is natural for us to begin a search for help.

My pain has been a search for happiness and my hope has been to find it in this dark world. Once I used to be very happy. Then one day I came across a book entitled SAVED FROM ERROR, by Muhammad El Ghazali. As I began to read this book, doubts invaded my soul; especially when considering the subjects of time and eternity. I began to suffer a great deal on account of these doubts and I still feel extremely lonely, with no one to help me and no one to guide me to understand the meaning of life.

I turned to theology and read a book by Sheikh El Jisr, THE STORY OF FAITH. At first it helped me to dispel many of my doubts, but soon I discovered that it was the beginning of a new stage of worse doubts. I continued my reading. I came upon a book, REASONS FOR UNBELIEF and IDEOLOGICAL BATTLES. I tried philosophy and read EXISTENTIALISM: A HUMANISTIC FAITH by Jean Paul Sartre. Also, A NEW INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY by Abdul Rahman Badawi. But none of the above helped me to get out of my perplexities or gave me peace of mind. I find myself baffled by my discovery of the limits of knowledge and of what can be acquired through the ordinary ways of learning.

Finally, one evening, while I was hesitating between tuning to the Voice of America or Radio Monte Carlo, I discovered your program. It dealt with the subject of patience and the necessity to accept hardships in this life. Your message gave me some help right away and enough courage to write you this letter.

A girl writes from Iraq

Heartfelt greetings. I would like first to congratulate you on your successful program. Judging by the interest of people around me, I believe that your program attracts the attention and provokes the admiration of millions of listeners. It is no wonder because it is the most desirable thing to listen to. People are thirsty for something like this—not just politics and news of wars, etc. People want to be reminded of the importance of faith and commitment to the proper religious principles.

While listening regularly to your program several things have become clearer to me. I often spend time after each program just reflecting on the notes I have taken. I do not mean that everything is clear to me. There is a lot more that I need to learn. The program causes me to meditate more than I ever used to. It also provides me with a time to rest psychologically and spiritually and search my own soul. As I do that, your words echo again and again in my ears. I find myself able to understand something I didn’t before, even while listening to the program. Your words refresh my heart. Now I am full of hope that lost humanity will finally find life.

Please send me any literature that you can, for I need it very much.

From Saudi Arabia

I send you my greetings. I would like to share with you the following thoughts. My ignorance of the Christian religion causes me to read and reread the books, which you have sent me as if I was a person that was starved. I am looking for the truth and that is why I have been listening to your spiritual programs often during the week. I live in an atmosphere which is dominated by materialism so that the soul of man is almost choked. I appreciate so much the various subjects which you are dealing with and the way you point to the Christian religion.

In the past I have received 3 books from you. Two volumes of "Reflections in Contemporary Life" and the book "Freedom in Christ." Recently I received your book "Family Worship." I am very happy with this book. In fact I am proud of it. Every book that I receive from you is taken over by my friends who insist on reading them. They, like me, did not know anything about Christianity and now we find that your publications are beginning to chase away the darkness which surrounded us and slowly we are being enlightened. We see the vast difference between what we used to imagine and what we have learned from you -- both by books and radio.

I find myself very attracted to the subjects contained in this book. (The Family Worship book contains a page for each day of the year. Evidently this man read it through immediately and saw that it was an introduction to the foundations of the Christian faith.) I find this book helpful to me in all the circumstances of my life. I find myself quoting from it when I meet people. In fact, I have caused myself to memorize some of the contents in order that I may use its subject matter in my conversation with my friends.

The horizon of my life is now much wider. Family Worship has taught me a summary of the contents of the Holy Scriptures. Thus I don't wonder any more when I hear the name of a book from the Bible. I have also learned the names of many prophets, and news about evangelism and the miracles which happened in the early years of the church--all in the service of the Word of God. I have learned a good deal about those who spread the mission of the Messiah in the various parts of the world (Paul and the other apostles.)

For the first time I have read the Ten Commandments. They have become to me tremendously holy. I see that they regulate the relationship of the Creator with His creature and the creature with his Creator.

  1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
  2. Thou shalt not make unto thyself a graven image, nor any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them.
  3. Thou shalt not take the name of THE LORD thy God in vain: for THE LORD will not hold him guiltless that takes his name in vain.
  4. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
  5. Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long in the land which THE LORD thy God gives thee.
  6. Thou shalt not kill.
  7. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
  8. Thou shalt not steal.
  9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
  10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors house nor anything that is thy neighbor's.

All these expressions are so important for mankind. No wonder they have come to us from the Creator of all things. The fifth commandment about mothers and fathers must be the very cornerstone of society.

Your book has indeed taught me that man should work for the glory of God and for his fellow human beings. The comments on the summary of the Law struck me very much. Our love for our neighbor requires us to look at every human being in this world as our neighbor. Love is religion in action, and in the fulfillment of love we fulfill the commandments of God.

This Family Worship book teaches us how man may live in peace with God in this life if he puts all his trust in God and in Jesus the Messiah. Truly if man has found such a great basis for his life; he can live a life of peace.

I have found also the parables of the Lord Jesus tremendously important because they show us in a very simple way the important teachings about this life and they warn us against the evil one. The parables of the Messiah also explain to us how our sins are forgiven and how we should forgive and forget. Certainly man is sinful and fallen in sin and he needs a great Redeemer. I have found in the person of Jesus a person who is very merciful. This is what I gathered from the quotation "He loves the publicans and the sinners" or "He washed the feet of the disciples."

I have also been struck by the teaching on the crucifixion of Christ and what the crucifixion has brought to mankind. I have learned from your book how we pray to God and what are the conditions of prayers and how God answers our prayers. For example, I appreciate: "Lord, I beseech Thee to guide me, not only through this day, but throughout all the days of my life." Or, "O Lord, thou art the source of all good." (Several prayers from the Geneva Catechism were added at the end of the book because this is one of the first questions that an inquirer will ask--how do you pray if you are a Christian?)

My heart is rejoicing to have discovered all these precious teachings of Christianity. Naturally I still have many, many questions that I would like to ask. I close my letter by telling you how much I appreciate all your efforts to spread this heavenly message, and may God bless you.

From Morocco

I enjoy listening to your broadcast and would like all your publications. I was excited to discover your excellent program. I have been lost in a circle of frustration, anxiety and doubt regarding religious matters.


I can hardly describe to you the depths of my joy which brought me almost to the point of tears, when I listened to your broadcast. I enjoy learning the Messiah’s teachings.


Your words carry rich meanings and true facts and clear teachings. I seek the way of salvation now.


I wish from all my heart healing from the Bible as it is shining with love. May it cool my wounds and uplift my torn soul.


I received your new book, "The Teachings of the Holy Bible." I couldn’t wait for it any longer. It was just like cool water in the hot summer! I thank you for the care you have expressed and shown to me. It was God’s kindness that it arrived.

From Algeria

I have been listening to your valuable programs for a long time. I was lost in life. It was purposeless. But since I have followed your programs I have discovered what I was searching for.


Your program has influenced my life recently. Every day my faith in Jesus the Messiah grows as you teach more about Him. We specially appreciate its orderly and systematic presentation day after day.


Often I can be seen with my radio in my hand following your noble broadcast. I get so excited and thrilled with it.

From Tunisia

I was pleasantly surprised when I set my radio dial at your program of light and truth. I immediately got my recorder and recorded as much of it as I could. Your view about the death of the Messiah is convincing. It is inconceivable for a person to have been replaced without people present being able to see what has happened. Your instruction has been most satisfactory.


Thank you for "The Teachings of the Holy Bible." I have studied it and restudied it. It is helping me to understand and learn about the Savior of the world. It makes me even more determined to hold to that great salvation.

From Egypt

I enjoy your able explanation of the deity of Christ. I appreciate your courage, your faith and your literary, intellectual and cultural ability. Help me to know more about the message of love and peace. It seems so far from enmity and deception.


Would you kindly lengthen the time of your program? I like the way you explain and expound the relationship between scientific facts and the Bible.

From Sudan

Your books were borrowed by my colleagues and admired thoroughly. Please send me more so that I can distribute them among students.


It is exciting to be able to listen to you on the radio. I am waiting eagerly for your books.

From Bahrain

How wonderful is the work you are doing for the welfare of us all. It makes a person abide in religion and its principles.

I don’t know how to thank you for what you are doing, preaching the Lord’s name. I listen to you at every possible time.

Posted May 1999

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